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Independent Contractor Agreement: What You Need to Know about LegalZoom

When it comes to hiring independent contractors for your business, it`s important to have a solid agreement in place. An Independent Contractor Agreement outlines the terms of the working relationship between your business and the contractor, including payment, deadlines, work expectations, and more.

If you`re looking for an easy and affordable way to create an independent contractor agreement, LegalZoom is a popular online legal service that can help. Here`s what you need to know about using LegalZoom to create an Independent Contractor Agreement for your business.

How to Get Started with LegalZoom

To create an Independent Contractor Agreement with LegalZoom, you`ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, you`ll need to select your state and the type of agreement you want to create. LegalZoom offers a variety of agreements, including a basic Independent Contractor Agreement, a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and a Non-Compete Agreement.

Once you`ve selected your agreement type, you`ll be prompted to provide some basic information about your business and the contractor you`re hiring. This may include the name and contact information of both parties, the scope of work to be performed, the payment terms, and more. LegalZoom will then generate a customized agreement based on your input.

What`s Included in a LegalZoom Independent Contractor Agreement?

A LegalZoom Independent Contractor Agreement typically includes the following components:

1. Definitions: This section defines the terms used throughout the agreement, such as “contractor” and “business.”

2. Scope of Work: This section outlines the specific tasks and projects the contractor will perform for the business.

3. Payment Terms: This section specifies the payment amount, payment schedule, and any additional fees or expenses the contractor may be entitled to.

4. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure: This section explains the confidentiality expectations between the contractor and the business, and any penalties for breaking those expectations.

5. Copyright and Ownership: This section outlines who owns the intellectual property created during the contract period.

6. Termination: This section outlines the conditions that may lead to contract termination, including non-performance, breach of contract, or mutual agreement.

7. Governing Law: This section specifies which state`s laws will govern the agreement and any disputes that may arise.

Why Use LegalZoom for Your Independent Contractor Agreement?

LegalZoom is a popular option for creating legal documents because it offers a simple and affordable way to create customized agreements. With LegalZoom, you can save time and money by creating your agreement quickly and easily online, without the need for an expensive attorney.

However, it`s important to note that LegalZoom is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have any questions or concerns about your Independent Contractor Agreement, it`s important to consult with an attorney who can provide you with the appropriate guidance based on your unique situation.


An Independent Contractor Agreement is a crucial document for any business hiring independent contractors. With LegalZoom, creating a customized agreement has never been easier or more affordable. By following a few simple steps and inputting some basic information, you can create a solid Independent Contractor Agreement that protects both your business and your contractor.

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